Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Enter to Win a DYMO Label Printer

Ever wonder where your office supplies went only to find them on a co-worker's desk or in the copier room? Can't find office supplies in a cluttered closet? Is searching for a file becoming a chore rather than a task? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time to get organized by using labels to simplify your work life.

I have had the privilege of using DYMO labels and its printers and have made my tasks so much easier. I can find files, supplies, identify binders, and even make reports look neater and more professional.

Using labels in your home or work office will do the following:

  1. Increase your productivity because you will be able to find what you need in less time
  2. Reduce the stress of searching and hunting for files and items in a cluttered drawer or cabinet.
  3. Make you look more professional and organized.

Do you have suggestions on how you can use labels to make your office more organized? Enter this contest to win a DYMO label printer. There's two ways to win:

  1. Email:

    Subject line: Dymo

    In the body of the email, make your suggestion on how labels will simplify and organize your work life.


  2. Go to the Facebook page and post a tip at Post your suggestion on the 'wall.'

The winner will be chosen randomly.

I had the pleasure of trying out various DYMO products and I have been compensated for the reviews (which are worth writing!) So, tell the world how you would DYMO! Enter today and good luck!

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