Here are what attendees had to say about recent presentations.......

 "Dewoun was excellent and easy to understand." Vicky P.

"Dewoun did a great job. She has excellent speaking skills - she didn't miss a beat!" Carrie S.

"I really enjoyed the program." Terri K.

"This was a very "engaging" webinar. I enjoyed the presentation very much." Dana F.

"Good webinar! Good tips & ideas. Would recommend to others." Marcia G.

"This was an extraordinary learning experience. Dewoun engages, inspires, and empowers. Kudos for constantly pushing our thought processes." Debra P.

"Lots of food for thought! Have always avoided leadership roles, but now I feel more confident that leadership may have a place in my future." Donna D.

"..very helpful for my personal and professional career." Nyisha T.

"Wonderful and inspiring!"
Kristi M.

"Dewoun, is very lively! The presentation was informative and enjoyable!" Carol S.

"She has a passion for the topic." Meg C.

"Dewoun was expressive and well-prepared."
Debra F.

"Great tips were given and the workshop was fun and interactive."
Jan P.

"I really liked the examples that were given during the presentation."
Lisa R.

"I appreciate the fact that Dewoun is easy to understand." Monica T.

"Dewoun is a very good and entertaining speaker." Pat D.

"The presentation was wonderful! Dewoun is very knowledgeable and an excellent speaker." Ann T.

"The presentation on breaking communication barriers was great! I take with me "listen to feeling, not with feeling." Sherry C.