Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 2013 Elite Admin: Barbara Williams

Barbara Williams
Elite Admin February 2013
Administrative Assistant, Altria, Inc.

Barbara A. Williams serves as an administrative assistant at Altria, Inc. working to streamline processes and the coordination of administrative support tasks. Deemed the “best secretary on the planet,” Barbara is a self-motivator, team player, and positive person. She says, I create a positive environment where ever I go by encouraging people.”

Working with Time through Organization
The best time management tip Barbara finds useful is organizational management, which entails always organizing projects in order. Her system is similar to Microsoft OneNote. She arranges each component of a project in its appropriate order. Barbara sees organizational management as a mental process- seeing the order in your mind’s eye first in which to organize things. Working in this way allows her to always be ahead of the game. She remarks, “When my executive travels,   first, I organize flight options. Second, I make his reservation after discussing with him; thirdly, I would create an itinerary folder for him to store his receipts and materials for the trip.”

Dealing with Change Using Backup Plans
Barbara’s biggest challenge involves meetings and travel changes. She deals with meeting changes by contacting the assistant to find out what meetings on their executive’s calendar are flexible. She provides the information to the organizer of the meeting; therefore, before the meeting is set up, the logistical items have been discussed - eliminating the need to make further changes.

Barbara deals with travel changes by making sure the flights are refundable and hotel accommodations can be cancelled in a timely manner.

Since 1996, Barbara has received many awards and accolades, including Woman of the Year from the Business & Professional Women’s Club, Inc.   She is very active in her professional organizations which include: the American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP) and the International Association of Administrative Professional (IAAP). Barbara’s proactiveness, dedication, and commitment to the profession prove that she is an Elite Admin.

Barbara lives in Richmond, VA with her companion and four children.