Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Performance Review Blues

Dear Worklife Coach,

I am dreading my upcoming performance review. My supervisor always seems to find fault in my work. I feel like the review is turning into a one-sided gripe session. How can I prepare myself for the criticisms without feeling bad about myself?


Performance Review Pooped

Dear Pooped,

Performance reviews are designed to develop and improve skills, not feel like an attack. They identify areas for improvement  as well as acknowledge achievements. Unfortunately, many reviews leave out achievements.

First, prepare a self-evaluation of your own and be honest. Think of it as a personal critique and don't forget to list accomplishments. Conducting an honest, well thought out, self-evaluation will better prepare your responses to the evaluation your supervisor will conduct. Also, if your accomplishments are not mentioned, you will be ready to politely remind your supervisor of what you have done since the last review.

Second, create an action plan for your pitfalls. List ways that you will improve on your shortcomings. Develop processes, change methods, and ask for suggestions/recommendations.

Third, and most important, thank your boss for the feedback. This let's them know that you appreciate the feedback and will do your best to improve so that this item will not be a pitfall but an improvement/accomplishment.

Be thankful for performance reviews, they are supposed to be used a tool that will help you make one step forward to being a better employee for the company.

Thanks for the question.

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