Monday, January 30, 2012

The Office Professional’s Groundhog Day: Getting over the mundane tasks

Today's office professional is cursed with doing the same tasks over and over each day. First thing in the morning, when you sit down at the desk you open email, while answering the phone as it rings. You may have the same meeting each week at the same time and the same list goes on and on – this could make your job unchallenging and boring. Here are some ways to make the day more worthwhile and less dull:

Thursday, January 26, 2012

5 Outlook 2007 Tips

Are you using Outlook to your advantage? Want to know what Outlook can do for you? Here are 5 tips you can use in Outlook 2007 to change your outlook about Outlook:

    1. Does your mailbox need a quick cleanup?     On the Tools menu, click Mailbox Cleanup. Select options to find items that are old or large and then move or delete them. Click AutoArchive to move old items to Archive Folders, or click Empty to permanently delete items from your Deleted Items folder.

    2. Set a reminder to reply to a message Right-click the message you want to set the reminder for, point to Follow Up, and then click Add Reminder. In the Due By list, click the date when you have to complete the reply. In the second list, click a time. In the Flag color list, click the flag color you want, and then click OK.

    3. Send a message to multiple people without revealing other recipients' identities To send a message to someone without other recipients of the message knowing, use the Bcc line in the message. Bcc stands for blind carbon copy. If you add someone's name to the Bcc line, a copy of the message is sent to that person, but his or her name is not visible to other recipients.

    4. Use a file shortcut instead of an attachment to reduce the size of a message. Right-click the file and drag it to the Inbox. On the shortcut menu, click Send with Shortcut.

    5. Oops, didn't want to send that message? Recall that message! To recall or replace a sent message, open the message in the Sent Items folder, and on the Actions menu, click Recall This Message.

Outlook is more than an email storage space or calendar reference, for more cool tips visit

Monday, January 16, 2012

Avoid Email Inbox Overload

Why do you have over 28,000 emails in your inbox?
Yeah, I know (signing). And I have 28 open!
We need to declutter your inbox.
I recently was helping a colleague on a presentation and noticed that she had over 28,000 in her Outlook inbox! I was shocked and wondered how she could allow her inbox to become so cluttered. Her inbox was out of control and taking control of her. This told me the following:
  • She never empties her inbox.
  • She will look at an email, but won't delete it or move it to a folder.
  • She does not have ample folders to store necessary emails.
  • She has a lot of spam or unnecessary emails.
Here are some suggestions to de-clutter and organize your inbox :

Monday, January 2, 2012

Make a New Year’s Promise Not a Resolution

Happy New Year! Now is the time of year to proclaim a new year's resolution. Before you get on the 'lose weight' bandwagon, think of the resolution as a promise. The difference between a resolution and a promise is that the resolution is a pledge that you will do something, but a promise is stronger and more meaningful- it is a self made guarantee to yourself. Think about how you feel when someone makes a promise to you and it is not fulfilled. Here is a list of alternative promises that you can make and when accomplished you be a better and more improved YOU.

  1. Dissolve a toxic relationship.
  2. Let go of a grudge.
  3. Apologize when necessary.
  4. Work on eliminating a bad habit.
  5. Spend an extra 30 minutes a day with loved ones.
  6. Save $1 a week.
  7. Meditate more often.
  8. Read a book from beginning to end.
  9. Resolve a conflict at work.
  10. Start a daily journal.
  11. Organize your workspace.
  12. Get rid of old clothes.
  13. Organize a file cabinet.
  14. Mentor someone.
  15. Use a talent to your advantage.
  16. Build your network.
  17. Attend a conference or workshop.
  18. Subscribe to a newsletter or magazine.
  19. Take the stairs.
  20. Make a new friend.
  21. Participate in an online discussion.
  22. Take a trip someplace you have never been.
  23. Turn off the television for at least one hour a night.
  24. Turn off the computer for at least one hour a night.
  25. Wake up 30 minutes early.
  26. Go to bed one hour early.
  27. Focus on positive outcomes.
  28. Be happy with who you are.
  29. Accept people for who they are and don't try to change them- YOU CAN'T!
  30. Learn a new word each week.
  31. Lose a few pounds. (Okay I couldn't leave it off the list.)


Ninety percent of New Year's resolutions are broken with six months. Make a promise to yourself for the entire year and have a lasting impression on your persona and your attitude.