Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The True Meaning of an Administrative Professional

This is the week for celebrating Administrative Professionals all over the world. Administrative Professionals Day began as Secretaries Day in 1952, a day proclaimed by U.S. Secretary of Commerce Charles Sawyer. Secretaries Day was an idea by C. King Woodbridge, president of Dictaphone Corporation, a member of a council that addressed the shortage of skilled office workers. The objective was to recognize "the secretary, upon whose skills, loyalty, and efficiency the functions of business and government offices depend," and to call attention "through favorable publicity, to the tremendous potential of the secretarial career." Boy, have secretaries come a long way.
Administrative Professionals do more than answer phones, greet customers, and transcribe meeting minutes. They serve as office managers, event planners, accounts payable clerks, and the list goes on. As you celebrate this week, think about the impact you make in your office.
  • Do clients and customers call and ask for you versus your supervisor?
  • Do you "work" on days off?
  • Are you accessible when you are away from the office via email, cell, text messaging?
  • Do you remind your supervisor of work that he needs to complete?
Did you answer 'yes' to any of the above? Congratulations! You are a company asset. Administrative Professionals are 'assets,' because without them, who would businesses depend on? By the way, if they weren't valuable, why is there a holiday recognizing their profession? In honor of the people who made this special occasion possible, give yourself a 'pat on the back.' You deserve it.