Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Take the “Jingle” out of Holiday Stress

Are you planning the holiday party in your office? Don’t know what to get your boss or co-workers for the staff grab bag? Or are you stressed just thinking about the holidays? These events can cause undue stress because the pressure is on for the event to be as successful, the gift to be appreciated, or even for you to have some quality relaxation time. Here are a few ways to ‘deck the halls’ and have a worry free holiday.

1. Don’t go it alone.
Form a committee, then within the committee form subcommittees for activities throughout the event. If you are planning the holiday party, there will be food, entertainment, gift giveaways, and possible employee awards and recognition. Have a sub-committee for the catering/venue (if the event is not going to be held at the company), another sub-committee would be for entertainment. I know a company that has each department come up with a holiday routine as entertainment. So, sub-committees would be helpful to ease some of the stress and incorporate organization and proper planning for the holiday party.

2. Have FUN!

Yes, this is a party for the company and possibly clients and/or customers will be invited so your goal is for it to be successful, remember to have FUN; have a good time in preparing and planning the event! This is a chance for you and your committee to be creative. Brainstorm ideas and get the creative juices flowing!

3. Use your days off during the holidays to relax.

Use your off to your advantage. Take a min-vacation or have a “stay-cation.” If you can’t travel, stay home and rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Make time for yourself! Spend an hour or two during the day doing what you like. Do you like to shop for bargains? Read a good book. Catch up on episodes of soap operas. Whatever relaxes you - go for it! So that means refrain from checking email, or other tasks that are work related, it the holidays...enjoy!

4. Keep gift giving simple.

Many companies have grab bags or an exchange of gifts during the holiday season. Some will even put a limit on how much to spend. Depending on the amount, gift cards are a great choice. They are easy, no lengthy shopping is involved like what does this person like, what is his or her favorite color, or what size is this person. If the dollar limit if $5, a gift card to the local coffee shop is appropriate. Even if the recipient doesn’t drink coffee, there are other items that can be purchased such as smoothies, sweet snacks, or teas.

These are just a few ways to save yourself some holiday anguish! Be thankful, be safe, and have a happy holiday season!