Monday, July 18, 2011

5 Movies that may depict your worklife but don’t take their advice

In the workplace, we have to deal with bad bosses, hostile co-workers, and angry clients, but the question is how? We look to books, podcasts, webinars, presentations, and television for answers. But sometimes we get so caught up "unreality" TV that we really believe that it is reality. I even heard the phrase, "reality TV is actuality." Here are 5 movies/TV shows that are funny (in a sense) to watch, but are not good ways to deal with conflicts at work.

1. Nine to Five (1980)
A hilarious tale of three women who seek revenge on their tyrannical, chauvinistic boss.
Even though it seems logical to hog tie your boss and roast him over an open fire and he or she may even deserve it – don't even think about it! These days they have places for people who wish to impose these kinds of tactics and that place is called jail! If your boss doesn't want to listen to your ideas, steals your ideas, and makes undesired passes at you- report the situation to HR or the next kind of picture you will be taking is a mug shot.

2. The Office (NBC TV Show 2005)

A show about a boss who steals ideas and claims them as his own, has no clue on how to manage a staff, and makes poor decisions.

Now this seems more realistic in today's business world. There are bosses out there who make bad judgments and you wonder how they got that job. The people on the TV show do one thing - tolerate his antics. Makes you wonder about them, doesn't it?

3. Office Space (1999)
A movie about a man who undergoes hypnosis to deal with his many bosses who don't know what the other is doing, this movie clearly depicts a hostile environment because all of the employees are disgruntled in some way. The hypnosis works, or so he thinks, and he becomes a more assertive individual, telling what's on his mind which works in his personal and professional life. Well, if you must learn assertiveness skills, why not use hypnosis?

4. The Devil Wears Prada (2006)
A story about a woman who wants so desperately to work for a tyrannical, unfeeling, boss and will put up with her insults and inappropriate behavior to break into the designing business. With the way the economy is going, I suppose we really do need to put up with a lot just to keep the paychecks coming. But when is enough –enough?

5. Horrible Bosses (2011)
This movie is about three people who hate their bosses so much that they hire a murder consultant to get rid of them. I will refer back to #1, if you hate your boss that much quit! It's not worth the jail time and lawyer's fees.

If you are having a difficult time dealing with your boss or co-workers or work in a hostile environment, it's time to seek resolution or find a new job, but before you do, seek consultation from a worklife coach who can help you get a clear understanding of the situation and weigh your options to achieve positive results. Don't let TV dictate your actions! It's great for entertainment, but bad for execution. For a free 30 minute consultation, contact me today at or get a copy of my e-book, Dealing with Workplace PMS - Poor Management System.

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