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10 Things You Need to Know about the Job Search/Interview Process
You have been told how to conduct online job searches and have been told what kinds of questions are asked during the interview, but there is still more you need to know. What colors are more effective to wear during the interview? What are the new policies mandated by law regarding background checks? What other kinds of interviews do companies conduct? And how do your responses impact your chances of getting selected to the final pool of candidates? And there's more...This presentation will enlighten you and make you say, "Ah hah!"

*8 Habits of Highly Successful Administrative Professionals 
Administrative professionals are the backbone of the organization. They are the eyes and ears of the office and must utilize their skills to keep the office intact when the boss is away and assist the supervisor when they are present. There are specific habits that the polished professional must do to be successful. This presentation discusses the eight habits and how to use them to your advantage.

*Rules of Engagement
Everybody has something to say and everybody wants to be heard! Are you having difficulty being heard? Do you want to be able to keep people engaged in what you have to say? This presentation is going to discuss how we can keep people engaged in what we have to say using the rules of engagement.

*Put off Procrastination
Got something on your to-do list that keeps moving down as items get crossed off? Don't have the motivation to complete tasks because of the nature of the process? This presentation is going to give the tips you need to put off procrastination once and for all.

*Shutdown, Unplug, and Reboot
When a computer downloads a new program, freezes, or suffers some other malfunction, we have to shut it down and reboot so that it can reset and restore itself to its former state- the state at which it was working properly. Our mind and bodies deserve the same treatment.  The workplace is filled with stressors that can take to you different levels, but your job as the professional is to deal with it effectively and appropriately. Shutdown, unplug, and reboot is going to discuss how to deal with workplace stress and remain productive and professional while keeping productivity intact. At the end of the interactive presentation, you will be able to upload the anti-stress protection (remedy/technique) to combat the stressor (virus) that was downloaded.

Become a Decision Making Guru
Do you have problems making decisions? Do you often reqret decisions you've made? The presentation will help you effectively make decisions, with no regrets. Learn mental processes that will make decision making simple.

The Power is in the Pen - Effective Writing
Don't like to write? Can't find a starting point? This presentation will provide tips on how to think like the pros, remove the fear, and make writing simple.

The Toolkit for Climbing the Steps of S.U.C.C.E.S.S
Your life is your business; you are the CEO of your own company called SELF. This means you profit and prosper from the decisions you make and actions you take. As the CEO, you are responsible for planning, organizing, managing, and executing goals and objectives in order to grow.

Are you managing yourSELF effectively and efficiently? Is your business going according to plan? What is your vision of yourSELF? This workshop will provide the necessary tools needed to start your SELF Success Portfolio and identify the steps needed to climb the ladder of success.


Office Odyssey 2025: The Future of Administrative Professionals
Business strategies and technologies are constantly changing. The profession for administrative professionals has quickly evolved and if you don't evolve with it, you will become extinct! Learn the how the roles and responsibilities are changing and how technology will increase your capabilities, but will they render the profession obsolete? It's up to YOU! This presentation will allow you to take an in-depth look at how you can adapt to the upcoming changes and make yourself indispensable despite the evolution.


Change Bored Members into Board Members
Having difficulty getting Board members to participate or volunteer? Volunteering on a non-profit board can have its rewards and sometimes members need to be reminded of the benefits! Get information on how to build a “working” board, re-engage members, and identify strategies for informing and training current leadership within the organization.


Take the Lead and Others Follow
Are you intimidated by leadership because you are afraid of what people will think of you? Do you think you are not “leader material”? This presentation will help you identify your leadership style and how to use it effectively to get others to follow your lead. Taking charge was never made so easy.

Can YOU Hear Me Now? Breaking Communication Barriers
Learn what the communication barriers are and how to address them. Communicate effectively by seeking to understand then to be understood.

I See You Talking! Recognize the Non-Verbal Cues in Communication and How to Address Them
Non-verbal cues say more than words ever could! Identify some of the non-verbal cues and learn how to adjust your conversation to suit the body language you observe. See what people are saying!

Managing the Micromanager
You thought that your job description did not include managing a micromanaging boss. Learn how to put your boss at ease so that everyone is productive and satisfied, especially YOU!

Self Defense for Administrative Professionals
Administrative Professionals are the front line “soldiers” in the office battlefield. As professionals we need to arm ourselves with the tools to combat the day. Learn the skills needed to be victorious in the day-to-day battles.

You Can Be the Leader You Were Born to Be
Are you afraid to become a leader because you are afraid of what people will think of you? Do you think you are not “leader material”? Have you ever wanted to make a suggestion or comment and was afraid of what others may think? But then someone else said exactly what you were going to say and it was received well. Get tips on developing leadership skills.

The Birds and Bee’s of Business E-mail Etiquette
E-mail is the number one method of communication in today’s workplace. Learn tips and techniques of how to construct an e-mail and reply to your colleagues with confidence and professionalism.

Back to Basics: Interviewing & Job Search Techniques
In today’s economy, job security is uncertain. Get back in the game; learn resume, job search, and interview tips and techniques that will make you a contender. Learn what employers are looking for in candidates and how the interview process has evolved.

To-Do Lists, Check Lists, and Task Lists Oh My! Learn to Manage your Lists

Where would we be if we didn’t have lists? Lists help us to stay organized, prioritize, and remain focused on the tasks at hand; it is easy to get overwhelmed when there are so many tasks and not enough time to complete them. This presentation will give you ideas on how to manage your lists, prioritize tasks, and eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Doing It All in So Little Time
Wouldn’t you love to have an additional hour in the day? In this workshop, you will determine and understand when your productivity level is at its peak, identify techniques for time management, and prioritizing. Learn about the productivity quotient and how to factor this concept into your daily routine.

Getting the Most Out of Conference Call Meetings
Conference calls can be both productive and counterproductive. Learn how you can make them meaningful and productive while maintaining order. Identify the effectiveness of Roberts Rules of Order in conference call meetings.


Make Friends, Get Followers, and Create Connections: Introduction to Social Media

Learn the basics of the most popular social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. How to setup an account, monitor activity, and respond to your friends, followers, and connections.

Blogography 101 - Blogging for Beginners
Want to start a blog, but don’t know how or where to begin. Get some useful tips and tricks on “blogography.” Review different blog sites and setup your own blog in minutes for FREE!

Facebooking for Beginners
Social media has rapidly become a popular communication tool to connect to people from all over the world. Learn the concepts of the #1 social media site in the world! Be able to effectively navigate Facebook with comfort and ease.

Tweet to your heart’s content – Twitter for Beginners
Learn the basics of the popular social media site, Twitter. This presentation will give you insight on how to setup an account, get followers, and post “tweets.” Basic Twitter terminology will be discussed.

Get Hooked to LinkedIn

Learn how over 65 million users connect on LinkedIn. Learn the basic concepts of this social media giant and get connected!

Thinking Differently about Difficult People
With the increased diversity in today’s workplace, learn how to change your attitude that people are different not difficult. This presentation will identify why people are differnt, why people are difficult, and suggest ways to work with everyone.

Bridge the Generation Gap: Communicate Effectively with All Generations
For the first time in history, our workplaces are multi-generational. Learn to identify and relate to the various personality types and be able to communicate with ease to get the job done.

Good Grief is there any Stress Relief?
Work got you tense? Be able to identify stressors and learn relaxation techniques that will alleviate tension and anxiety.

Maintaining Emotional Intelligence (EI) for Women

Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions. Some researchers suggest that emotional intelligence can be learned and strengthened, while others claim it is an inborn characteristic. This presentation will give you tips on how to maintain and control your emotions in the workplace.

The above mentioned seminars typically range in 1-2 hours in length sessions. For longer sessions, or if there is a suggestion for a topic not listed, contact Ms. Hayes to discuss alternatives