Monday, January 30, 2012

The Office Professional’s Groundhog Day: Getting over the mundane tasks

Today's office professional is cursed with doing the same tasks over and over each day. First thing in the morning, when you sit down at the desk you open email, while answering the phone as it rings. You may have the same meeting each week at the same time and the same list goes on and on – this could make your job unchallenging and boring. Here are some ways to make the day more worthwhile and less dull:

  1. Make a W.I.N list.
    The W.I.N. list is a sophisticated to do list. It allows you to determine your motivation and complete tasks more quickly and easily.
  2. Delegate a current task.
    Get someone else to do the task and remove it from your list. If you go to the mailroom everyday at 11 a.m. and there are others who do the same, ask someone to get the mail for you. This takes one item off the list and frees up more time for you to tackle other items.
  3. Reward yourself after completing the task.
    Rewards are the best motivation. After reading email, take a short break. After answering the phone for 30 minutes, get a cup of coffee. Not a coffee drinker, have a piece of chocolate (be careful, this reward can be costly to your waistline, so reward yourself in moderation).
  4. Get the jump on the task.
    If possible, start the task the day before. For example, clear your inbox the night before so that when you come in, you won't spend much time reading through messages. Less time on one task, will make more time for another.
Unfortunately, the office professional's Groundhog's Day is every day, not just once a year. Make the best use of your time and energy and accomplish them with self-motivation.


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