Tuesday, March 22, 2011

That was a bad decision! Learn effective decision making skills

Have you ever had trouble making decisions? Don't know what to do in some situations? Have you ever regretted making a decision or wish you hadn't made that specific choice? In today's fast-paced work environment, decisions need to be made all the time and at a moment's notice. This article will give you tips on how to make decisions with no regrets.

Use Critical Thinking and Logic
Think rationally about the problem. Why are you being presented with the issue? Who will be affected by the decision? What will you gain or lose? Are you willing to make sacrifices or accept the consequences? When you think about questions such as this, you are able to come to a rational and logical conclusion and will be prepared for the consequences. Thereby, eliminating surprises.

Speculate outcomes
Before making a decision, think about the possible outcome that could result as a consequence. Then come up with a plan b or even a plan c. Having a plan b or c will prepare you just in case the original plan does not work. When you have alternative solutions, you are prepared for the worse and can quickly take action and implement the next choice. Speculating outcomes will also improve critical thinking skills.

The W.H.O Method
The W.H.O Method is a basic methodology to problem solving and decision making.

W = What is the problem?
Identify the issue. Have a clear understanding of the problem.

H = How can it be resolved?
Can the problem be solved with a quick fix or is there a series of steps or a process that will need to be implemented in order to resolve the issue? When you make this determination, you can go to the next step….

O = Are there other alternatives (plan b and/or c)?

Devise a plan b and/or c. Be prepared; have a backup plan just in case the original plan does not work.

For every problem, there is a solution. Learning how to make good decisions is a skill that will make your life less stressful and more productive.

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