Friday, November 19, 2010

Are you the best or the best of the worst?

There are two kinds of employees in the workplace, those who are the best and the ones who are the best of the worst. Both can survive the daily stresses of the job, perform the duties that are required, and get a paycheck, but the level of success depends on whether he or she is the best or the best of the worst. The table lists 7 characteristics to distinguish between the two:

The Best

The Best of the Worst

Seek answers

Wait for questions



Get a paycheck for working

Work to get a paycheck

Go the extra mile

Stop at the destination

Give more than expected

Give what is needed

Solve problems

Cause problems

Look to improve

Are content

The two employees can be compared to a superhero and his sidekick. The superheroes are always remembered, solve problems, and give 110% each and every time. The sidekicks (and I love them too!) wait around for instructions, help out as needed, and are oftentimes forgotten about until the next crisis and the superhero comes to saves the day. Which kind of employee are you?

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