Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Boss’s Day! Top 5 Gifts you can give your Boss on Boss’s Day

Boss’s Day is on October 16 and I have heard a lot of buzz about suggestions for gifts for those great bosses. Flowers, candy, ties, and other materialistic items are a wonderful way to show your appreciation to the individual who serves as a model of leadership in your organization, but why not give your boss something that lasts longer than the shelf life of a bouquet of flowers? Here are 5 gifts you can give your boss that will make a lasting impression:

1. Your Presence

I was talking with a good friend and when I asked her what she was getting her boss for Boss’s Day she said, “My presence is his gift.” Then I thought about it, she is right, in a weird, roundabout way, but I need to expand on that thought. The fact that you come to work and do your best each day is a gift that reaps massive awards, most importantly a paycheck, as well as respect and accomplishment from your supervisor and peers.

2. A Break
Everyone is not perfect, try not to harp or reflect on your boss’s flaws. Give your boss an opportunity and a chance to be a good leader. Be open to their leadership style.

3. The Benefit of the Doubt
Believe that there is something good about your supervisor, rather than something bad. There is a little good in all of us!

4. One good reason why you are the best for the job
There are a line of people outside waiting for you to leave that job; it’s called the unemployment line. Be grateful that you have a job and show your boss your gratitude each day. Remember the rewards!

5. Peace of Mind
Give your boss the comfort in knowing that you are a team player and can accomplish daily tasks and projects with no problems.

Giving your boss a ‘thank you’ gift is a great way to show your appreciation, but giving gifts that last a longtime, mentally and emotionally, will build positive relationships and make your work environment more pleasant than the sweet smell of flowers that are going to die in a week.

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