Become a Dynamo Using A Dymo

I recently asked a group of people who know me very well, 'If there was one word that you would use to describe me, what would it be?' Some said, 'beautiful,' 'talented', 'dynamic,' and a 'dynamo.' The 'dynamo' response got me intrigued, so I asked 'Why?' The answer was because I am so organized and efficient. I was very flattered, but I couldn't take all the credit, I have help. The Dymo LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo is a contributor to my success.

When I was asked to "try out" the Dymo LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo and keep it in exchange for writing a product review, I was very excited. I wanted to test the efficiency of the product because of its dual sides, which has the capability to print labels and stamps at the same time. That's the first thing that attracted me. Second, was the quick setup – plug it into the USB and download the software – 5 minutes! Third, I am able to print labels for envelopes and stamps in a matter of seconds! The other day, I printed 17 labels and stamps in 1 minute! My co-worker was amazed at how fast I was done with the task. Her words were, "Dewoun, you're a dynamo!" I thanked her and said, "It was the Dymo!"

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