Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Multi-Hat Professional

Multi-tasking is one of the most important skills to have in the workplace. Everyday situations arise, customers are angry, deadlines need to be met, food needs to be ordered for a meeting, and there are other small crises that need to be tended to- all this on top of the daily responsibilities.

Sometimes hats are worn at the same time. Ever had to negotiate a price with a vendor because food needed to be ordered and delivered at the last minute? This is the negotiator, caterer, and fireman. When you greet someone entering the office and it turns out they are soliciting business, this is the hostess and guard. Or what about immediately locating documents that your boss is demanding? This is the soldier and magician. Here are a few of the roles that admins play:

Fireman – putting out fires, crises that arise

Magician- producing documents, making arrangements that seem impossible, but the boss is insistent

Caterer – making sure refreshments are ordered for meetings and events

Negotiator – talking with vendors, cutting deals to save the business money

Mind reader – knowing what your boss is going to say, need, or do before he or she does it and being prepared

Soldier – sitting on the 'front lines' to defend their boss and the decisions that are made, dealing with a boss who is not very polite, or absorbing unfriendly fire from customers or clients who are less than cordial

Hostess/host – greet customers and clients

Editor – proofread documents and correspondence before it is made public

Guard- protects the office from solicitors and keeps unwanted or uninvited guests out

Repairman- fixing office equipment

Administrative professionals are the cornerstone of the office and wear many hats. Which hat(s) did you wear today?


Anonymous said...

This a great post! Thanks for writing! I discussed it over in my blog:

kristiek said...

My least-favorite hat I've had to wear as an Admin is a plumber! Our historic office space had historic pipes that clogged at the slightest look so I was using a plunger almost daily or calling in the professionals on a weekly basis.

Now when I am asked in interviews if there is anything I won't like to do I quickly say "Please don't make me every plunge toilets!"