Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Management Skills for the Administrative Professional

When we review the job responsibilities of our position, the phrase, "other duties as assigned." is usually listed last on the list. The idea is there will be other duties and responsibilities not specifically listed and if your boss says, 'Do it.' you are required to take on that additional task. Management duties include:
  • Managing your boss.
  • Managing yourself.
  • Making decisions in the absence of your supervisor or handle issues as they arise that he or she trusts you will deal with appropriately.
  • Managing other support staff or personnel in the department. Such as file clerks, receptionists, work study students/interns, etc.
  • Managing tasks/projects.
  • Negotiating with vendors.
So how do you acquire the management skills needed to handle 'other duties as assigned?' Here are 5 ways:

  1. Use assertiveness skills. This is effective in any line of communication, whether you are interacting with your boss, colleagues, vendors, or other office support staff.
  2. Create a W.I.N. list. The W.I.N. list is going to help you identify your wants and needs; you will have an easier time prioritizing and organizing your tasks to get more done. It's the get what you want and do what you need to do list.
  3. Develop good leadership skills by following the 7 Laws of an Effective Leader. Leaders are born and made. If you are managing others, it's good practice to make everyone feel like they are a part of the team, provide feedback, and most importantly reward them for a job well done- that is, if you want to get things done.
  4. Use your 'hump hour' to your advantage. Hump hour is the time of day that you are most productive. Determine the time of day when you are more energetic and focused. Then find out your boss' hump hour; this would be the time to hold meetings or get him or her to take actions on pending items.
  5. Keep reading the Office Professionals Place Blog.
Even though the job description may not specifically spell out the management duties, you may still be required to stand in as manager and perform the necessary responsibilities of someone in authority. Be prepared to take action and be sure to add the experience and skills to your resume and portfolio.












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