Saturday, June 4, 2011

The WHOA Factor – The new shock therapy

You've heard of the WOW factor, the art of creating the element of surprise? Well now there's the WHOA factor, which is the art of creating an element of shock, which leaves a longer, lasting impression on people.

Comparing the WOW and WHOA Factors

WOW Factor

WHOA Factor

A surprise birthday party

Your boyfriend asks you to marry him at the birthday party

Finishing the project by the deadline

Finishing one project by the deadline and completing the next one that isn't due until two weeks from now

Helping a co-worker format a document in MS Word

Conducting Lunch and Learn sessions showing employees how to create outstanding documents in MS Word

Completing everything on your task list for the week

Compiling your to-do list on Friday for the following week

WHOA factors have more lasting power. Are people going to remember a pleasant surprise or the feeling of shock?

How to create the WHOA Factor
The WHOA Factor can be implemented in various ways. The key is to leave an imprint or impression on people so that they remember you. Here are a few ways to create your WHOA factor:

1. Use your talent to your ability
If you are skilled in PowerPoint and can make images dance across the slide, words flying in and create the presentation so that it flows and has meaning, this is your talent. Use it to your ability. Help a co-worker create a presentation. Good news travels fast. Pretty soon your WHOA will be well-know and people will look for your assistance.

2. Exhibit Confident Behavior
Speak, appear, act, and move with confidence. Use assertiveness and stand tall. People will be 'WHOAed' by your presence. Recently, someone told me, "Every time I talk to you, it's as if another day is added to my life." This was a man who I have seen on occasion and spoken to at in a minimum of 10 minute conversations.

3. Think Positively
Positive thoughts create positive results. People will listen to you when you are perceived as a positive person. Learn to see the good in the bad, live optimistically. You are what you think.

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