Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Do you DYMO?

Summer is finally here (or so they tell us) and this is the time of year when many offices slow down. This is the perfect opportunity to organize your office to prepare for the upcoming months when productivity picks up. Here are 5 ways to prepare:

  1. Clean out the junk drawer.

    Everyone has a drawer that is filled with little knick knacks such as aspirin, gum, pens, post it notes, binder clips, etc. Take this time to throw away empty containers, organize the drawer, and possibly replenish items that have been used up. Go the extra mile and place labels on the file drawers to identify its contents.

  2. Organize the file cabinets/drawers.

    Trying to find one file in a sea of files that are all the same color with handwritten labels is a tedious time waster. Take the time to color code the files and add a special touch by using a DYMO label printer to print labels fast and easy.

  3. Inventory the supply closet

    The second tedious time waster is trying to find supplies in a cluttered closet. Now is the time to organize the closet by using labels to identify containers and plastic storage bins. DYMO label printers can make your inventory closet look 'user friendly' and less chaotic.

  4. Organize the library of binders

    Do you have unidentified binders on book shelves or in cabinets? Putting labels on each binder to identify the contents will cut your search time in half which will increase productivity.

  5. Organize the media library

    Organizing and Labeling the CDs and DVDs that are unmarked and in plain cases need to be labeled so that finding what you need is easier and quicker. Using the DYMO label maker will make the task of searching for the appropriate CD or DVD simple.

Now is the time to do some much needed planning and organizing of your home and work office space. While office activities are at a slow pace, pick up your pace and organize your work environment. I have used the DYMO printers in exchange for compensation and I would recommend their products to anyone who wants to organize their office and increase productivity. Do you DYMO?

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