Saturday, April 16, 2011

Organize your office: Prepare for the Day after Tax Day

Tax Day is almost here, this year – April 18 – there are piles of tax documents scattered around the desk, perhaps the floor and on other pieces of furniture. When everything gets back to "semi-normal" you will need an effective filing system to file those documents away for easy access for the next tax year. Plan ahead and use DYMO labels to make your life a lot easier.

Here three ways to use DYMO labels for "after tax day" organizing:

  1. Label file folders appropriately.

    Labeling the files will make the search for documents quicker.

  2. Make mailing address labels.

    Need to mail documents? Make them now so that you don't have to waste time preparing them later.

  3. Label storage areas.

    Where will the documents be filed? Identify a secure place and label the storage area. This will make finding where you put the files easier and faster.

This is one of the most stressful times, next to Christmas, when we will spend countless hours collectively looking for documents, using labels to identify, organize, and arrange documents will reduce stress, mistakes, and wasted hours.

As an administrative professional and former tax preparer, I understand the importance for an effective filing system, in exchange for trying out the DYMO Label products and receiving compensation, I discovered a great way to organize my home and work offices.

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