Wednesday, January 12, 2011

5 Tips for Getting Organized with Labels in the New Year

Happy New Year office professionals! A new year brings new challenges, opportunities, and new ways to get organized and become more productive and efficient in your job. I had the opportunity to use the Dymo Label Manager 360D- rechargeable Desktop Label Maker and found it to be very helpful in organizing my office space.

Here are 5 tips that you can use to get organized for the New Year by using labels:

1. Find documents easier and quicker.

How frustrating is it to have file folders that are the same color and not know what’s in them? Use labels to identify the contents in each folder and cut down on search time and loss of productivity.

2. Reports are more professional looking with customization.
Placing labels on report covers and binders adds a professional look and feel to your documents, plus it is easier to identify the contents, source, and purpose for the information.

3. Save on re-printing costs for pre-printed materials that need updating. Add the additional information using a label.

So you have 1,000 business brochures and pamphlets and the fax number has changed, instead of throwing the outdated documents in the garbage and ordering new ones- GO GREEN and put a label on each identifying the updated information. Saves money, time, and paper!

4. Organize your media library.
If you are like me and have a vast collection of DVDs and CDs, whether they are homemade or store bought, you can make your work life a lot easier by labeling the cases in an effort to cut down the time it takes to find what you need.

5. Save time and label sheets by using a label maker and print as needed.
Ever need to print one mailing address label, but you have to insert an entire sheet to print just the one? So you have to use the computer, type the address, insert the sheet in the printer, adjust the alignment of the printer, and print the label. Eliminate this 5-step process and print labels as needed with a label maker. It’s quicker and easier!

In exchange for trying out the Dymo Label Manager 360D, writing a product review and getting compensated, I was able to experience the benefits of using the label maker to make my office life much more productive and organized. How will you organize your worklife in the New Year?

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