Friday, May 21, 2010

The Office Professionals Code of Conduct

In every aspect of business, there is a Code of Conduct. In order to be successful office professionals, we have to live up to that code of conduct. The "code" is a list of behaviors that we have to uphold in order to be regarded as highly effective office personnel. We are known as the "go to people," "the gatekeepers," and my personal favorite "the ones with all the answers." Our supervisors depend on us, customers and clients consult with us, and co-workers interact with us. Below is the office professionals' code of conduct.

  1. I will manage the tasks and projects set before me appropriately so that deadlines are met.
  2. I will communicate effectively and assertively so that there is a clear understanding of what is required and requested.
  3. I will interact with co-workers, clients, and upper management with professionalism.
  4. I will continue to improve and enhance my professional development.
  5. I will take ownership of my mistakes and learn from them as well as others
  6. I will be proactive rather than reactive.
  7. I will never let them see me sweat.
  8. I will excel in times of crisis and remain calm, cool, and collect.
  9. I will seek results and be detail oriented.
  10. I will perform my duties and responsibilities to the best of my capabilities.

As the need and responsibilities for the administrative professional grows, so will the code. Can you think of any others?


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