Monday, April 19, 2010

You may work for someone, but you are your own boss

Everyday millions of people throughout the country make the commute to work to spend at least 8 hours working with colleagues and one or more supervisors. We know this is true because we see and hear on the news how traffic is backed up and travel times are astronomical. All these people have one thing in common, besides being on the road at the wrong time every day that they are going to work for someone. Here is some food for thought, your supervisor has duties to the company and to you as an employee and you have similar responsibilities to yourself. The table below gives you a perspective comparison of job responsibilities between a supervisor and YOU:


Supervisor Duties to the Company 

Your Duties to Yourself

Offer constructive criticism that is designed to help us grow professionally 

Offer constructive criticism that is designed to help us grow professionally and personally 

Allocate tasks and projects to be done in a timely manner 

Prioritize and management your time with family, friends, and work

Make decisions for the good of the department and company

Make decisions for the good of you and your family

Regularly reviews the needs of employees and customers or clients

Regularly review your own personal needs

Reward employee performance 

Reward ourselves for hard work (ie.vacation)

Sets goals and objectives pertaining to tasks, projects

Sets goals and objectives in order to manage and balance individual life events

Resolve conflicts and solve problems within the company

Resolve conflicts and solve problems within oneself 

Know company policies and procedures in order to effectively make decisions 

Know ourselves so that we can effectively communicate and interact with others 


It's like working as a debt collector and you don't pay your bills on time. How can you expect to be a leader over others when you can't lead yourself? You have the ability to control your behavior and decisions. Take charge of your life, own up to your mistakes, learn from them, and grow to be a better person!


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