Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Resolution for the New Year

Each New Year’s Eve the same resolutions are made, “I will go on a diet.” “I will find a new job.” “I will save some money.” But what happens at the end of the year? We have gained more weight than we lost or didn’t loose any at all, we are still in the same job, or we are broke! According to Proactive Change, research shows that 46% of resolutions that are made at the beginning of the year are maintained after 6 months into the year. New Year’s resolutions should be regarded as goals. Below are some ways to set “goalsolutions” and how you will go about achieving them by December 31.

1. Start small.
If you want to loose 20 pounds, set small goals like change your eating habits, park farther from the store entrance, or reduce your serving portions. If you want to find a new job, first set the goal of updating your resume. Do you need to review interview techniques? Small building blocks will create large impacts on your goal setting.

2. Be consistent.

So many of us decide in February that since we haven’t accomplished the goal set on January 1, it is hopeless, be consistent and persistent and refer back to your goals often. If something isn’t working, decide what other options are available, does your goal need a sub-goal?

3. Set goals that are manageable and attainable.
Using the weight loss example because it is so popular, it is not realistic or healthy to drastically change eating habits and join a health club and workout like a vigilante and expect to loose 20 pounds in 2 months. This is where the goal needs a sub-goal…..respectfully 2 pounds per month is doable so you would be looking to loose weight in 10 months.

4. Re-evaluate your goals often
Don’t wait until October and notice that your goals haven’t been met. Write your goals down and refer back to them often; you may have to change your focus or create a new sub-goal.

Need help in organizing your “goalsolutions” and ideas? Visit http://www.goalenforcer.com/ for a free planning software download that will electronically organize and map your goals.

Proactive Change. (2009). Research: Statistics on New Year’s resolutions. http://www.proactivechange.com/resolutions/statistics.htm


Patricia Robb said...

That's good advice to start with small chunks or else if you start off too gung ho, you will peter out and end up not completing the goal. Thanks for the encouragement -- and I really do have to lose that weight this year. Two pounds a month -- now that's doable!

ProAdmin2 said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for commenting. I have been so guilty in the past of setting unrealistic goals that I decided it was time to do something different.

Lisa Olsen said...

Great advice, Dewoun! I also am a firm believer in not only setting the goals, but mapping out the 'hows' or specific tactics I will use to help me be successful. Otherwise it's just another "to-do" list!!

ProAdmin2 said...

You are so right, then the list goes from to-do to NOT done! Thanks for commenting!