Monday, October 26, 2009

10 Scariest Excuses to tell your supervisor when you call off work

In honor of Halloween, here are the top 10 scariest excuses to call off work this week……

1. “In order for me to not go postal on anyone today, I would rather not come in.”
2. “I am looking for a new job.”
3. “I didn’t order food for today’s meeting and I don’t want to be around to see the repercussions.”
4. “I forgot to reserve the meeting space for today’s meeting.”
5. “An urgent message was left for you by your boss yesterday; I am giving it to you now as I am leaving this voice message saying that I won’t be in today.”
6. “My dog ate the report.”
7. “I don’t like Mondays. I realize today is Wednesday.”
8. “I got a new job and the orientation is today.”
9. “I work better from home.”
10. “Today’s episode of All My Children is supposed to be really good.”

Got anymore? Post them in the ‘comments’ section of this post.


TexNYQueen said...

The Faculty and office staff gets crazy around the full moon, so I'm preparing in advance from home.

ProAdmin2 said...

That's a good one! Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Someone in our office sent an e-mail to the whole company to let everyone know that she was going to be sick the next day and wouldn't be coming in -- huh?? Now that is planning ahead :)