Monday, August 10, 2009

Surviving the New Boss

There are two ways to make a lasting first impression on a new boss, do something really good or do something really bad. Start off on a good foot and get to know your new supervisor. Here are five ways to create a positive working environment for the new manager.

1. Provide Your Boss with a Bio More than likely you will be given background information on your new supervisor, so why not return the favor. Give him or her a chance to get to know you- the competent employee. Forward your resume, create brief descriptions of recent projects you have completed for the company, or a CV. This will give your superior an opportunity to get to know your capabilities and skills.

2. Give Your New Boss Space & Time
Give the new person an opportunity to get to know and understand how everything works. When he is ready to meet, he will let you know. When given the opportunity, make your mark.

3. Ask Questions
Don't be afraid to ask questions and get expectations. Try to get a feel for your new boss' leadership style. Getting to know how your boss operates will make for a better working relationship. You may need to adjust your communication style, if your previous boss was more hand's on and this one is not, you will need to communicate and ask questions for clarification more often.

4. Make Your Workplace Presentable - Clear Clutter
You should be given a date when your new boss will start. Clear your workspace; make it look presentable. A cluttered work area says that you are disorganized or disheveled, don't make this a first impression.

5. Let the Past Go
Unless you are asked, don't reference the previous supervisor and do not compare your previous supervisor to the new one. Move forward with the new person, remain open-minded and positive. Never speak negatively about a previous employee.

First impressions are important. Getting to know your boss will take some time, be patient. Let your supervisor know that you are a dependable, reliable employee who is open to change. Be a team player. Openly welcome this individual and make him or her a part of the team.

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