Thursday, July 30, 2009

Around the World Wide Web in 5 Seconds

Check out these cool gadgets for the office!

Men, have no place to put your nano? Try the Nano Tie. 100% silk and has a fabric look to hide the wires from the device. For now, it only comes in pink. Who says men aren't pretty in pink!

Afraid of all the germs floating around your office! Check out the Bacteria Killing Monitor. It gives the environment negative ions that kill bacteria and it protects your eyes.

Do you need to add more fragrance to your workspace? Try the USB Aroma Therapy gadget. It plugs into the USB port and features three different aromas that you get to choose from!

Do you type all day everyday!? Are you tired of damaging your new manicure? Get the Mental Typewriter. This is a brain-to-computer device that converts your thoughts into cursor movements on the screen. Note: this technology is still be tested so currently it takes 5-10 minutes to type a sentence. They haven't mentioned whether you can backspace if you have an "ill thought" so be careful. Think happy thoughts! It may not be attractive, but with more testing it may get the job done!

Does that project have you stressed out? Combat stress and tension with the soothing Brain Spa Head Massager. This device uses acupressure technology to stimulate blood circulation. Plus it comes with a rechargeable battery!

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