Friday, November 26, 2010

10 Uses for Dymo Label Makers That Make Your Work Life Easier

Today’s busy office requires more file and inventory storage, document management, and mailing and shipping capabilities, among other things. Dymo label makers can make your work life more organized and productive. I have had the pleasure of using the products which have made file finding easier and the creation of professional looking documents. Here are 10 effective uses for a Dymo label maker to enhance your office productivity:

1. File folders
Labeling file folders is the oldest organizing trick in the office. When you open your file drawer filled with hundreds of files, how long does it take you to find the file? Labeling file folders saves “finding time” (especially if they are the same color) and the possibility of paper cuts from an extensive search.

2. Postage
Printing postage in the office is huge time saver and increases productivity. Print postage labels directly from your desk – no more standing in line at the post office or mailroom!

3. Mailing Address Labels
Ship packages quick and easy! Use Dymo’s mailing address labels to use for all size packages and parcels for fast and convenient mailing.

4. Name tags/Visitor Name Badges
Print name tags for event attendees and name badges for visitors with ease using Dymo’s adhesive and non-adhesive name badges, both standard and time expiring, plus name badge clips. DYMO sells horizontal as well as vertical badge labels to best fit your needs.

5. CDs/DVDs
Technology has afforded us the ability to store documents, presentations, and other media elements on CDs and DVDs. For a professional and creative look, use the Dymo media labels, they come in different colors, styles, and sizes – perfect for CDs, DVDs, and diskettes.

6. Office Storage Containers
Need an easier way to find office supplies? Use embossed labels that come in a variety of colors to find inventory quicker.

7. Business Cards
Going to a meeting or event and need more business cards? Printing business cards in the office provides convenience and saves time and money. For a more innovative business card, print special messages, logos, or graphics at no additional cost.

8. Holiday labels
‘Tis the season to send out holiday cards and thank you’s to customers, clients, and co-workers. When you send the gift add a professional looking holiday labels that will make people appreciate the “special touch.”

9. Preprinted Business or Company Brochures/Pamphlets
Did you need to add additional information to a business brochure but had 1000s left, and spent $1,000s more to reprint the document with the new information? Next time, use the Dymo labelmaker to create labels with the new information and place one on each brochure, this saves money and paper – Go and Stay Green!

10. Receipts
Bookkeeping and accounts payable/receivables can become tedious if you don’t have the proper documentation and backup. Printing receipts is a convenient way to keep track of expenditures and purchases.

When I was asked to write this article about the 10 uses for Dymo labels in exchange for compensation, I was excited because work has not become a chore anymore; I have been able to get organized, increase productivity, and create professional looking documents. Visit Dymo’s website for more ways to use labels to enhance your office productivity.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Are you the best or the best of the worst?

There are two kinds of employees in the workplace, those who are the best and the ones who are the best of the worst. Both can survive the daily stresses of the job, perform the duties that are required, and get a paycheck, but the level of success depends on whether he or she is the best or the best of the worst. The table lists 7 characteristics to distinguish between the two:

The Best

The Best of the Worst

Seek answers

Wait for questions



Get a paycheck for working

Work to get a paycheck

Go the extra mile

Stop at the destination

Give more than expected

Give what is needed

Solve problems

Cause problems

Look to improve

Are content

The two employees can be compared to a superhero and his sidekick. The superheroes are always remembered, solve problems, and give 110% each and every time. The sidekicks (and I love them too!) wait around for instructions, help out as needed, and are oftentimes forgotten about until the next crisis and the superhero comes to saves the day. Which kind of employee are you?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Office politics – abstaining from the office political arena

In the past few weeks, political campaigns were running on overload, you may have received a phone call from an automated voice advising you to vote for a specific candidate, the commercials seemed to be out of control, and the media was having a field day with the many interviews and debates between candidates. Now that the excitement has somewhat dwindled, there is a pressing issue that candidates won’t talk about because it is beyond their scope – Office Politics.

You know the game…the players are the backstabbers, brown nosers, bullies, the cliques, office gossips, extreme go getters (do whatever it takes to get ahead), and the list goes on and on. Getting involved in office politics causes physical and emotional stress, disgruntled co-workers, low productivity, and deteriorates your professionalism.

This is an election that is ongoing and no one person is right for the job! Even if you say you don’t want to participate, sometimes you have NO choice. So how do you stay out of the office political arena?

1. MYOB – Mind your own business
Simply put, don’t get involved! Minding your own business means, staying away from the office gossip and not helping the spread of rumors. Do your job during the time you are there and go home and don’t think about work!

2. Don’t entertain those that are running a campaign.
Think of all the flyers, commercials, and mailings leading up to the election. Now think of how the ‘office politicians’ try to ‘rope you in’ or get you to concede to their views. They bend your ear with the gossip or their personal opinions that are usually negative – refrain from commenting or what I call ‘chiming in’ on their rants. In other words, don’t cast your vote.

3. Know who you are dealing with and act accordingly.
You have heard of the old saying, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” Do just that. If the office gossip is always making conversation with you, don’t give them any information (remember tip #2) personal or professional. I guarantee they will relay that information to someone else and before you know it, you are the topic of today’s episode, As the Office Turns! Be careful, be cordial, and most importantly be aware!

Don’t let office politics and the office politicians pull you into the voting booths, become a member of your own party and abstain. This is one election where it’s ok NOT to vote!